Sunday, May 13, 2012


In 2009 when a small group of local citizens held their first meeting in Honeywood to figure out what the hell was happening, it looked like they were up against formidable odds.

BUT that first meeting drew an overflow crowd.  There were some naysayers (mostly Highlands) with the standard phrases it is a done deal, they have too much money you can't fight them.

Then an amazing wonderful thing happened.

NDACT was formed.

They were right on the money with the size of the quarry, years before Highlands confirmed it.

They slowly but surely in their straightforward HONEST way started to bring worldwide attention to Melancthon.

And as a result:
  • There were an unprecedented number of letters of objection submitted last April when Highland filed their application for an aggregate license.
  • An unprecedented extension on the time for filing letters of objection was given thanks to 150,000 signatures in 48 hours on Avaaz.
  • CAUSE was formed and other groups started noticing, people like Council of Canadians, Suzuki Foundation, Wellington Water Watchers and of course the very nervous Aggregate Industry.
  • People started a savy social media campaign that even Hill of Beans and Knowlton couldn't fight (they threw in the towel on March 30, 2012 their last tweet).
  • An unprecedented Environmental Assessment on the entire process was implemented last September.
  • 28,000 people attended Foodstock held on the lands of 3 local farming familes.
  • The government undertook a review of the Aggregate Resources Act, something not done in the last 40 years.
  • After quietly and quickly setting six hours over four days in Toronto for the Aggregate Resources Act review, the Committee hearings are now going on a road show to hear more extensive consultations.

So one thing we can all learn anything from this, it is things are only a done deal if you let them happen....

OR the truth will prevail....

OR...never believe anything a $23 billion Boston based hedgefund tells you.

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  1. Anonymous13 May, 2012

    OR Ontarians have put up with enough $hit ...