Monday, May 7, 2012


With little fanfare and no notice, except of  course to the Aggregate Industry, the McGuinty government made good on a pre-election promise to review the Aggregate Resources Act (ARA).

Where they fell short is on a full inclusive comprehensive review.

Six hours dedicated and the time slots prefilled with the Aggregate Industry.

And all in downtown Toronto.

So.....your help is needed.

You must make noise about this.

To the press;

To your local Councils;

To your MPP;

To the Committee who is reviewing the Act;

Please do not think it isn't important, that someone else will do it.

If people thought that way:
  • there would not have been 100,000 signatures in 24 hours on the Avaaz petition;
  • there would not have been over 2000 letters and comments in 45 on Highlands filing of their application with the MNR;
  • there would not have been 28,000 people at Foodstock;
  • there would have been no review of the ARA ordered in the first place.

Every single thing you do makes a difference.

Here is a link to NDACT's response:

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