Saturday, May 19, 2012


At the bottom of this rant, I mean post, is a link to a youtube video, a blog and a news editorials about a municipality called Adelaide Metcalfe. 

The particular issue is about windturbines but it could be anything that has been foisted upon rural Ontario-turbines, incinerators, megaquarries, garbage dumps, compost facilities, and dumping of fill.

What it shows is how the provincial policies on these issues are destroying the fabric of rural Ontario-pitting neighbours against neighbours, Councils against citizens, while of course benefitting Toronto. 

Unlike provincial politicans who can pass policies and legislation and remain relatively obscure, these elected officials and THEIR constituents live in small communities. 

Their kids go to school together, they have one arena, they live next door to each other, they attend the same weddings and funerals, they shop at the same grocery stores etc. 

So watch, and read and see what the provincial policies have done TO (not FOR) Rural Ontario.  


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