Monday, July 16, 2012


PARIS - Dufferin Aggregates says it is willing to pay the estimated $1.9-million cost to upgrade the road past its contentious gravel pit north of Paris.

But Andrea Bourrie, director of planning and regulatory affairs for Holcim Canada, Dufferin's parent firm, made clear Tuesday to Brant county councillors that the municipality must be responsibility for any upgrades to roads anywhere else in the proposed routes of heavy trucks moving between the pit and customer locations.
Brant Mayor Ron Eddy brought up concerns about other roads the company's trucks will take, but Bourrie interjected.

"We run a business, Mr. Mayor," she said. "There is $1.9 million coming out of my right pocket. There needs to be something coming into my left pocket."

READ more about how the aggregate industry really treats their 'COMMUNITIES:


  1. Curiously comments for the Brantford Expositor article are closed, which leaves venting to this site! The arrogance of starting up a licence that has been dormant for 38 years and saying "We have a licence to move forward and that is our intent," followed by "I recognize the county has a challenge, but it is the county's challenge" is nothing less than galling. This is why 'need' must be proven before an aggregate licence is approved. This is why there must be sunset clauses to bring about an end to the reign of tyranny. The aggregate industry has had a sweet deal for far too long. These are some of the issues that the Aggregate Resources Act Review must address.

  2. Anonymous17 July, 2012

    You can comment on site plan amendment for the Paris pit until 13-Aug-2012 at the following link: