Saturday, July 7, 2012


In the words of the Orangeville Banner on the ARA hearings in Orangeville:

"Lame pony is better than no pony"
Despite his passionate plea, the chair of the committee, Liberal Sault Ste. Marie MPP David Orazietti, talked with his clerk and typed on his Blackberry throughout the testimony.

Regardless of substance of his emails or chats with the clerk, it’s disrespectful to ignore the people sitting directly in front of you.

Orazietti has an impressive political resume. In addition to serving as chair of the Standing Committee on General Government, he is also a member of the Cabinet Committee on Education Policy and Cabinet Committee on Poverty Reduction.

In the past, he has chaired the Liberal Caucus, the Northern Caucus, the Standing Committee on Justice Policy and served as a member of the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs.
With that kind of portfolio, paying attention should be his forte.

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Here is the Chair's email in case you have any questions for him:

And I would bet that the email exchanges on his blackberry could be requested under a Freedom of Information request. 

That way we would ALL know what was so important that he couldn't be fully engaged with the ARA review process.

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  1. Anonymous08 July, 2012

    I happen to know that Orazietti was making sure that Pizza Pizza did NOT add anchovies to his order, because anchovies give him hives and he once chaired the Liberal Caucus with big red bumps on his head. The man has his priorities, as all politicians do....