Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Here is another article about HoB&K associated with yet another scandal.   I mean it isn't as good as their nonsense when they worked for the cigarette industry or the US government and the contrived Iraqi babies being murdered in their incubators, but....pretty good....

Paul Calandra, the MP for Oak Ridges-Markham, attended and received money at two private fundraising parties that included people connected to two of the bids under consideration by the CRTC, which reports to Canadian Heritage.

In late March, one of the applicants, WorldBand Media Inc., owned by CEO Prabha Selvadurai, hired Hill and Knowlton to lobby Canadian Heritage, the CRTC and members of Parliament on its proposal for a new talk-radio station.

The Globe has learned that just over two weeks later, on April 10, a private fundraiser took place in the basement of a suburban Markham, Ont., home owned by Mr. Selvadurai’s sister, Kirupalini Kirupakaran. Dr. Kirupakaran has pledged to the CRTC that she will invest up to $2-million in WorldBand Media should it win the competition. About $22,000 was raised at the event. Mr. Calandra also received a contribution at another basement fundraiser from the head of a second company competing for the prized spot on Toronto’s radio dial.

The April 10 fundraiser was attended by Mr. Selvadurai, along with several members of his immediate family. Former Ontario Tory cabinet minister David Tsubouchi, who sits on WorldBand’s board of advisers, attended, as did five others who have pledged to invest in the proposed radio station, which would be called Touch FM.

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