Saturday, July 14, 2012


The Council of the Township of Southgate has decided, with NO pre-consultation to their citizens or First Nations (oh oh), that their economic future depends on trucking on contaminated soil, composte and offal material and untreated human waste, to be deposited on a site less than 350 metres from a school...on the HALDIMAND TRACT.

How do I know there was no pre-consultation?  The Closed Meeting Investigator made that pretty clear in the TWO closed meeting investigations he did.  You can read the scathing report at this link, pages 112 to 145.

View video:

The citizens are going to need help with letters opposing this, and soon.

I will keep you posted.

And if you think this doesn't concern you, you better be sure you are NOT on the haul route......OR drink/and/or use water from the Grand River.

Untreated human waste, offal material, that arrives in a tarp covered truck with a "spongy cake like" material, right past your home and ready to write those letters.

For information on the entire crappy situation go to these links:

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