Sunday, July 8, 2012


Good job Highlands got all those houses burned before the fire ban.

And here is a reminder how it all started-bulldoze, blast and burn:
 1 min.26 seconds

8 min. 8 seconds

3 min.31 seconds

One day profiteering will come to an end. First, the environment must be raped. It's only human...
  • What a waste!
  • Geez. They don't even have the brains to recycle the wood.
    What a horrible waste.
  • It's sickening that this company is getting away with destroying our heritage buildings.
    Township of Melancton and the whole county of Dufferin should be ashamed for allowing this company to bring so much destruction to our community...
  • So bloody sad!!! My entire childhood bus route is just a bunch of fields now. No homes..... when I'm 70 I won't remember anything now!!!!
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