Thursday, July 5, 2012


This was just forwarded to me by a regular reader of this blog, follow the trail:

Sunday July 1, 2012
via email to all members of the ARA committee as well as the Premier:

I am looking for clarification on what transpired on June 27 in Orangeville as part of the ARA hearings.

The newspapers report that the committee, after having toured several working aggregate sites made a commitment to tour a farming operation in Melancthon.

There is considerable confusion as to whether committee as a whole or any individual member actually stopped at a working farm to view the infrastructure, the money invested in the operation and the jobs created, as opposed to just driving by in a bus.

Could you please provide clarification for me?

Thank you.

Reply dated July 3, 3012

As part of the review of the Aggregate Resources Act, the committee did incorporate tours of existing aggregate operations, rehabilitated area and yes, we also took the bus up for a tour of the proposed Melancthon site after the public hearings wrapped up in 6:30pm.

Yes the bus stopped.

While DXXX V had offered a tour of his operation, the Chair had declined his offer when they spoke after the hearings ended.

Not sure where the confusion began, but DXXX certainly understood that the bus would not be touring his farm.
We will continue our public hearing over the next two weeks visiting communities and hearing from the public in Kitchener, Ottawa and Manitoulin Island.
Sylvia Jones, MPP

July 3, 3012 email from Author requesting additional information:

Can you please advise me at what farm the bus stopped and confirm a tour of the working operation was undertaken by the committeee?

Thank you


Reply from MPP Jones dated July 5, 2012
No working farm was toured, but many were observed by the committee.
Sylvia Jones, MPP


  1. Addendum: The bus had to make a pit stop when one of the committee members crapped their pants when they saw the size Highlands mega quarry.

  2. Anonymous05 July, 2012

    Funny thing-Sylvia Jone's motto is "Working for you in Dufferin-Caledon" She doesn't seem to be working for me right now.

  3. Anonymous07 July, 2012

    Sylvia Jones is sometimes rather wishy washy, now is not the time Ms. Jones, fight fire with fire, don't be a wimp.