Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Minebuster thanks D.T. for this synopsis:
Following your e-mails to the Committee we have received a variety of responses. Some highlighted responses to your e-mail queries about the quarry tours, lack of a farmland visit and the brief drive-by bus tour.
"Yesterday, our committee also decided to visit the site of the proposed application to gain an additional perspective - this area as you know is thousands of acres and yes we did stop. Spreading misinformation is not helpful to this process." David Orazietti, Chairman of Standing Committee
"In the morning prior to the hearings, the committee toured several existing quarries and rehabilitated sites in the Dufferin-Caledon area. The committee also visited the proposed quarry site in Melancthon....members of the committee felt it important to visit the site in order to gain additional perspective and to better understand the proposed project." Aide to David Orazietti.
"I can confirm that the committee changed their itinerary on June 27 to include a tour of the proposed Melancthon site. This was an important change to the itinerary, as it gave the MPPs on the committee a chance to judge the possible impact this quarry would have on both the proposed site and the surrounding area." Aide to MPP Rosario Marchese.
"As part of the review of the Aggregate Resources Act, the committee did incorporate tours of existing aggregate operations, rehabilitated area and yes, we also took the bus up for a tour of the proposed Melancthon site after the public hearings wrapped up at 6:30pm. Yes the bus stopped. While Dave V had offered a tour of his operation, the Chair had declined his offer when they spoke after the hearings ended." MPP Sylvia Jones.
Not one of them has explained why the aggregate reps were given a morning to conduct a guided tour or why the offer to tour the farmland that sparked the review was rejected. As for the Magical Mystery Bus Tour -- not one MPP has revealed where the bus stopped as part of its tour to "better understand the proposed project" or "judge the possible impact" the mega quarry would have on the surrounding area.
Thanks to everyone. We'll keep digging. Pun fully intended!


  1. Anonymous04 July, 2012

    The bus stopped to turn around, obviously. It's called going through the motions.

  2. Anonymous06 July, 2012

    As our representative, it was incumbent upon Ms. Jones to stick her feet out the back door of that bus and drag it to a halt if necessary, rather than insult Melancthon's most respected farmers, who are fighting for their existence, by allowing her peers to "drive by"
    We are all very disappointed in her defense of this phony tour, especially in light of the aggregate tours the ARA committee seemed happy to find the time for earlier that day. By continuing to defend that ARA committee's ignorance, rather than admitting that favouritism was shown to Ontario Sand, Stone and Gravel, Ms. Jones displays lip service conviction and highlights Mr. Harper's "cash trumps all" agenda.