Friday, May 3, 2013


Allen, just let it go, wud ya?

The Banner is reporting that the DEEP plant is hanging by a thread.

Full article here:

I wouldn’t say it’s dead, but it’s certainly dormant,” said East Garafraxa Mayor Allen Taylor, chair of Dufferin's Community Development Committee (CDC). “As things currently stand, there is just no economic way of making it work.”  (BOO)

“We know now that there is trouble in paradise,” said Melancthon Mayor Bill Hill, arguing the county’s DEEP plans should head back to square one.   “It’s time to look at that facility and determine what it is we’re going to do with it, and make some real hard decisions … if anything.”  (YEAH)

The company has stated it won’t be able to go any further unless the county coughs up about $2 to $3 million.  (BOO)

A problem attracting investors, and an inability to gain a viable price from the province for every kWh of electricity has handcuffed Alter NRG. (HAHA)

(Taylor) cautioned against county council slamming shut any doors that don’t need to be closed.  “If a miracle happens somewhere, then it’s just a matter of carrying on.” (WTF, A MIRACLE LIKE THE SECOND COMING...OF A 90 YEAR OLD MAN????)

The lone DEEP ranger appears to be York Region, which is apparently interested in purchasing a portion of the land in Grand Valley to build, own and operate a composting plant there. (READ PREVIOUS MINEBUSTER BLOG POSTING ABOUT WHY YORK WANTS TO SEND IT HERE, NIMBY)

(Hill) ..The other part of my brain says holy smokes, this could be the biggest white elephant ever developed in Dufferin.” (SMARTEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD HIM UTTER)

The matter is being considered at the May 9 meeting of Dufferin Council.  Be sure to get your cards and letters in early.

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