Friday, May 10, 2013


James Dick Construction Limited has applied to the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) for a licence to extract up to 700,000 tonnes a year of gravel, sand and dolostone..

Halton Hills Mayor Bonnette said the Town had not been informed about the application but Regional Councillor Clark Somerville and Town staff attended a public meeting only after hearing about it through word of mouth at the last minute.

Full article here:

Wow, apparently a new tactic by the aggregate industry. 

Cause after all the attention John and David Lowndes, Bruce and Mavis Wilson, Baupost and the Highland  Companies created (Flamborough pit and the 2,300 acre, 200 foot below the water table Melancthon Mega Quarry, situated on prime ag land created) I can certainly understand their need/want to keep it on the D.L (down low as the cool kids used to say about 10 years ago)

But please, please could someone inform them that there is this new invention called the internet.

And you can get information almost instantaneously.

And you can even get it off all applications for aggregate licenses by just signing up for notices on the EBR, link attached:

So, why "try" to keep it a BIG secret?

Cause honestly, it is NOT working, cat is out of the LCBO bag.

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