Monday, May 13, 2013


A unique farmer's market is set to open just south of the old rail tracks on the 3rd Line/Victoria Street.
What makes it unique?
It will be the first farmer's market in a Town, located on a working farm (Besley Country Market to be precise)!!
As of May 30, 2013, it will be open every Thursday night from 3pm to 7 pm until October 17, 2013.
For vendor registration or more information, contact Christine Patton, Market Manager at
As every good enterprising business person would do, the organizers of the market tried levering $$ to assist the operation to ensure success.  Specifically they approached the Town of Shelburne for $9,000 towards creating the vendor-operated market.
BUT as every municipality knows (OR SHOULD KNOW), the Municipal Act, 2001 prohibits bonusing (meaning providing tax $$) to businesses, industry or commerical operations unless it in a Community Improvement Plan and offered to all.  Because after all, taxpayer money should not be used for any private private business.   And the Town of Shelburne knew that.
Full story here:
(Don't even get me started on the "bonus's the Shelburne Red Wings finagled from the Shelburne Arena Board)
Which makes it all the more strange that not a single bureaucrat or politican at the County has raised the issue of bonusing since being shook down, "approached" by Alter NRG and its business partners, demanding, "requesting"  $2 to $3 million from COUNTY OF DUFFERIN TAXPAYERS so this private company  can ship other municipal crap/garbage here.
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