Monday, May 6, 2013


Anonymous06 May, 2013
Fun farm fact.......The tractor you have been anxiously trying to pass may be on its way to harvest your family's next meal.

Darren White
Deputy Mayor
Melancthon Township
Minebuster says: Thank you, sincerely and honestly to anon ...Deputy Mayor!! (opps, you have been outed)
And if I do say so myself he has been WAY too polite when he says the tractor you have been "anxiously" trying to pass.

The reality is the quote should say....the tractor you have been "obnoxiously" trying to pass.....  (NOTE: MINEBUSTERS OWN WORDSMITHING, NOT THE DEPUTY MAYORS)

And lets remember that very recently the Township of Melancthon has taken the pledge to support NDACT's new intiative FOOD AND WATER FIRST so kudos to youdos!

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