Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The May 16, 2013 agenda for Melancthon Council is posted at this link: http://melancthontownship.ca/13council/agenda.may16.pdf

Some notable quotables from the contract planner, for which taxpayers pay $115.00 an hour for this type of "professional" advice:
  • "This will provide an update on an important aspect of the current Provincial review of the draft Official Plan...I have received a call from OMAFRA...the Ministry is seeking some documentation...since I NOW know the nature of the information OMAFRA requires...I intend to proceed with this work" (excerpts from page 27 at above link)
OMG-where to start?  We have a "professional planner" who has been working on updating Melancthon's now, approximately 36 year old original Official Plan, for about 6-8 years...

AND OMAFRA has to call HIM to let HIM know what they need?

And now that someone has advised our professional $115.00 an hour planner what is required, he will get right to work on it.

He didn't call them when he was preparing the plan, say 8 FREAKING YEARS AGO???? OR EVEN 8 FREAKING MONTHS AGO to find out what was required before submitting it to the Province for comments?

Well, why would he?  The longer he can drag this out, the more $$$ the hard pressed Melancthon taxpayers pay.  Don't forget, in 2013 2012 a 1% tax levy amounted to approximately $14,000.00.  Let say ole Jer made $95,000.00, that is alot of 1% tax levies we are paying HIM...to produce, so far nodda alodda nothing.

And there appears to be an error on page 46 wherein it states that Melancthon's official plan 5 year review is due in 2019-it was DUE 8 years ago.  And the 5 year review won't be due again until the FIRST one is complete and at this rate, it certainly won't be anywhere near 2019.

And commencing on page 55 is a list of what planners in other jurisdictions make....as a delegant advised Melancthon last year, they could have a full time planner for MUCH less than what they currently pay Jorden, and that planner would be in the office 35 hours a week, and could provide other services that are now contracted out-bylaw preparation, legislative research, etc. etc. etc.

Finally on page 67 is this asinine statement regarding our "professional" planners advice on the Shelburne North Subdivision and the realignment of the Third Line and Hwy 10:
  • attached are my comments....please note that my comments....are based on the general understanding of the situation...if I am incorrect, please advise and I will revise the letter according...
Holy OMB, Batman.....

What kind of a "professional" planner, for which taxpayers pay $115.00 an hour, actually admits that if he is wrong, someone should let him know and he will revise the letter...accordingly.

Who in the hell except the planner, should know what fuck is going on?


And by the way, I believe he filed his report using this ultra modern method:

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