Friday, May 24, 2013


"The rumours of the Dufferin Eco Energy Park’s (DEEP) death are “greatly exaggerated,” according to East Garafraxa Mayor Allen Taylor.
Of course, Taylor, chair of the county’s Community Development Committee (CDC), was referring more to the prospects of partnering with York Region on a composting plant at the DEEP during council's last meeting on May 9, and less about Dufferin’s dreams of an energy-from-waste (EFW) facility being built there."
Honestly, what the hell is wrong with this guy. 
I can not imagine there is a single Dufferin ratepayer, even in Orangeville, who feels that York Region's crap/waste/composte whatever you want to call it should be hauled here for disposal.
Especially if they knew why York doesn't have their own homemade solution for dealing with this shit. (which they did, but it smelled too bad for them, so they had it shut down, see previous postings). 
And don't try to sell us on the "green" solution.
How many trucks per day will there be, hauling this crap here, on roads that have to be maintained, repaired and replaced by Dufferin taxpayers so York Region can composte and say they are green?
AND either backroad will need to be upgraded or the haul route will be through Shelburne, meaning York's trucks will need to jockey for position behind the trucks headed to Shitgate/Southgate which will be hauling human waste and offal material in tarp covered trailers to "Lies"tek/Lystek's facility in Dundalk, adjacent to a school and residential homes.
And don't forget they will be passing trucks hauling Dufferin's waste OUT of our community since the County cluster fxcked and circle jerked their way along on that little waste management strategy.
Except for Mayor Hill who seems to have a clue and is trying to get a motion passed to make this crappy mess go away.
KEEP UP the good work on this issue Mayor Hill

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