Saturday, May 4, 2013


NDACT and all their supporters have stopped the Mega Quarry, for now.

Their goal was not to stop a particular project, but rather bring attention and legislative change to correct the the inbalance between urban and aggregate policies versus rural policies.   As a point of fact, aggregate takes a higher priority in the Provincial Policy Statement than Class 1 prime farmland.

(Here I must pause to thank Baupost and John and David Lowndes for their assistance in bringing attention to the issue.  If it weren't for their umitigated greed and gall with the size, scope and idiocracy of their proposal e.g. pumping 600 million litres of water in perpetuity so "someone" could farm at the bottom of the mine - the issue would never have reached the mega-attention it did.  So I salute you all!!)

But I digress.

NDACT's new initiative is the Food and Water First movement.

Basically, as I understand it, they are signing municipalities, grass roots movements, businesses and organizations to take the Food and Water pledge and assist and support as NDACT continues to press the provincial government for reforms and legislative amendments to the Aggregate Resources Act and Provincial Policy Statement.

Development should never come at the expense of food and water.

Check out the new Food and Water website:

Follow them on twitter: @foodwaterfirst OR #foodwaterfirst

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