Monday, May 6, 2013


Minebuster received this blanket email:

You may recall the wonderful Tractor Rally NDACT held August 2011, followed by a potluck at the (RICK) Wallace Farm, with Dale Goldhawk in attendance.

“Tractor Canada” drove out of his way to lead the charge, so to speak, and we  had a wonderful afternoon with hundreds of riders, tractors, wagons, lawn mowers, horses and attendess.  TRACTOR CANADA needs our help now, see the request that he posted on his facebook page:

Ok, I'm not a fan of asking for support, but I need to meet Merle Haggard on Wednesday night in Kingston to interview him about his support for workin' men, especially farmers.

Please, please, can y'all go to Ben Haggard facebook, (son of Merle) and either "like" my comment or, even better, leave a note about how Molly and I lived on a fucking haywagon for two years in support of farmers, and convince him to give me an interview?

I wrote on his FB asking for an interview, and it'd be mighty helpful if y'all would pitch in.....

AS a reminder, I have attached A picture.  You may not remember Tractor  Canada, him, but his fiancĂ© is pictured, you couldn’t forget her, she is beautiful.

 MERLE: I know you are a supporter of farmers, particularly Okies from Muskogees.

In Ontario, we have Muskokees who live in Muskoka and near that we have a small municipality called Melancthon.

The good people of Melancthon faced a billion $$ Boston based hedge fund, who bought up prime farm land to dig, in one fell swoop, a 2,300 acre, 200 foot below the water table, open pit mine on the headwaters of source water for more than 1 million Ontarians.  The laws passed by our Provincial government (which would be comparable to your State government, permitted this-they value rock over prime farmland)  The hedgefund demolished 33 homes, in a municipality of only 2,900 hundred people. 

They divided the community, and have broken relationships of people who lived side by side for generations that may never be repaired,

In the end we rose to the challenge and with the help of the world, have defeated them for  now. 

Someone who was instrumental in our battle was “Tractor Canada”  He (and his beautiful  fiancĂ©e) lived in a freaking homemade hay wagon for TWO years (and yes they are still together) touring this great country doing a documentary on the state of
farming in Canada.

He would live (and love) to interview you.   

He helped us, a small ragtag groups of farmers, who for now have managed to defeat a billion $$ Boston based hedgefund.  
PLEASE? Can you help HIM???

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  1. Sometimes I wonder if tractors were not there then there would have been so much cost incurred in farming. Not only cost, but time also. Nice information and yes I would like to help him for sure.

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