Thursday, May 9, 2013


From the April 18 (2013) minutes of Melancthon Council:
While in attendance, Mr. Jorden commented that he is fairly close to getting comments back from the Ministry on the Township’s Draft Official Plan.

Read the minutes here:


What the hell kind of performance measure is this?

IF only there were a search button on the Township of Melancthon's website, we could search all the classic quotes from Geriatric Jorden.

And honestly if this crappy blog can put a search function on it, why in the HELL can't Melancthon put one on their site? 

Ah ha...if they did, we could in fact, search all the classic quotes from Geriatric Jorden about how "fairly close" he is to wrapping his, by now, at least 8 year update of the Official Plan.

So lets take a look through history and apply Geriatric Jorden's "fairly close" comment and see how acceptable it would be (to anyone other than Melancthon Council).

RHETT TO SCARLETT: Frankly Scarlett, I am getting "fairly close" to not giving a damn.

SARGENT SCHULTZ: I am getting "fairly close" to seeing NOTHING!!!

BILL CLINTON: I was "fairly close" to not having sex with that woman.

You see, it means nothing. 

FAIRLY close?

Hopefully, Geriatric Jorden is "fairly close" to retirement and to having milked the taxpayers of Melancthon dry and they can hire a full time planner for less than what they pay him who can actually get some work done and then spend the EXTRA money on fixing the goddamn roads.

Speaking of which, take the poll on this blog about the roads.  Are you satisfied with the conditions of the roads in Melancthon?


  1. Anonymous10 May, 2013

    Hilarious post. Couple points:
    1) I've said this before, if the wishes of Council and the peanut gallery weren't so out to lunch (ie, not even close to having regard for provincial policy) the OP would have been finished long ago. Jerry can't help that it's taking an eternity for the Province (MMAH) to review it...they're slow to begin with...and the fact that this OP is full of nonsense is only making matters worse.
    2) I laughed out loud when I read your complaint about the conditions of the roads. Gee, where is the material to fix the roads going to come from if no new pits/quarries are allowed close to market? Yes, I realize that there are existing pits, but as they are depleted there won't be anything to replace them. Transportation costs go up, and so will your taxes. As long as it's not in your backyard, right?

  2. Anonymous10 May, 2013

    Your posting is a classic! It is so true.

  3. Anonymous10 May, 2013

    Minebuster here: Hey anon the gravel to fix Melancthon roads could come from Strada, Nelse Arnold, Both in melancthon, James Dick, Caledon, ETC. ETC. And the peanut gallery and Melancthon Council may want things...however had Geriatric Jorden done the FIRST 5 year OP review in a timely manner, we would already by on third review so yes, in fact, you can blame him, but mostly blame the two long standing Melancthon Councillors.