Thursday, May 16, 2013


This is from David Vanderzaag's presentation to the Committee in 2012 reviewing the Aggregate Resource Act where he explained what makes the prime land in Melancthon/Mulmur unique:

"Describing it is like trying to describe a masterpiece you cannot see, but I will do my best, so let me explain in laymen’s terms what makes this class 1 ag land so special.

It has 7 main characteristics:

(1) Its soil type is loam.

(2) It’s stone-free.

(3) It’s flat.

(4) It’s uniform. Each 100-acre block is the same.

(5) It’s contiguous. It is one large 15,000-acre block of the same soil type.

(6) It’s well drained.

(7) And its location: you get 28 inches of rainfall, a moderate climate, and we’re 90 minutes from five million people.

Any two or three of these characteristics alone would make land good.

This land rates “excellent” on all seven of these characteristics. "

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