Friday, May 17, 2013


"In the case of an emergency, Toronto has enough food to last just 3 days." 

This sobering revelation was made by Food Policy analyst Wayne Roberts at a lively and packed Food Security meeting in the city's east-end last evening.

There was a terrific discussion about the challenges facing Ontario and the country as we confront a growing population, shrinking farmland and expectations of cheap food.

NDACT chair, Carl Cosack, outlined the goals of Food & Water First, stressing that land-use policies must change so that prime farmland and source water regions are protected in perpetuity.

Canada does not have a national food policy, but the federal NDP's Agriculture critic, Malcolm Allen, says his party plans to unveil a National Food Strategy this fall.

The federal Liberals made a similar proposal three years ago. In response, the Ontario Federation of Agriculture backed it immediately, saying "There is no plan in this country to secure Canadian food beyond the next harvest." 

A special thanks to NDP MP Matthew Kellway for hosting the Food Security meeting. Food & Water First was warmly welcomed and we gained many new supporters.

Watch for a fresh crop of lawn signs in Toronto's east-end! Attached is a photo of Matthew with Wayne Roberts seated on the left.

ARA review report: Let the writing begin!

We have learned the Standing Committee on General Government will begin writing its report on the review of the Aggregate Resources Act on May 27th.

The MPPs on the Committee will meet for a few days to decide what should be in their report. We believe they will need to be reminded of our suggestions! 

Until then, enjoy a safe and wonderful long weekend.

Don't forget to pick up and plant your new Food & Water First lawn sign. They make an attractive addition to any yard! Find a sign depot near you at  

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